With my combination to oily skin that’s prone to hormonal breakouts, I’ve always looked for the latest breakthrough in cosmetic ingredients that address my issues. After testing lots and lots of products, I’ve sort of settled in a face routine that includes direct acids (AHA, BHA, some form of retinol) and light moisturisers. And while it’s been efficient and helped me control my skin, I sometimes get bored and want to try new stuff :). This how two new o.Moi products found their way into my face care regimen.


o.Moi Bamboo Scrub and Mask

This is a product with two functions: it can be used as a light scrub, or as a balancing face mask. It has bamboo powder and Kaolin that absorb and eliminate impurities and tea tree for an added anti-blemish kick. The peppermint and lemon oil complement the tea tree invigorating fragrance and are part of the product’s aromatherapeutic effect. The mask also has some soothing and hydrating ingredients, such as Cocoa butter, Aloe Vera leaf powder and Vitamin E.

Although it’s not essential to the product’s performance, I feel like the dark blue glass jar ads a touch of luxury to my cosmetics shelf and makes me feel that much better when using it. The texture of the mask is light and fluffy, almost like a “whipped” cream. It glides effortlessly on the face and the exfoliating granules are small and gentle, but also very efficient.

I have tried it both as a quick scrub in the morning and as a mask in the evening. The nice thing about the fragrance is that it is both refreshing and relaxing, so you can benefit from it whenever you feel like using it. I was a bit worried about the essential oils, but my skin tolerated them with no problems. It also helps reduce oil production, which is very good news now that summer is starting.


o.Moi Balancing Facial Oil

For a person with oily skin in the summer, adding oil to your face can be scary. Even though I knew that, in theory, specific oil products can balance the skin’s sebum production, I was always too anxious to try one. And I must confess, the first time I tried the o.Moi product I was afraid of how my skin would look the next morning. Luckily for me, I woke up with a hydrated and bright (not greasy) face.

The formula features a mix of light-weight oils that are supposed to be good for acne prone oily skin. Some, like the tea tree or the lemon essential oils have a direct antiseptic effect that fights pimples. Others, like the Palmarosa and Pine essential oils reduce inflammation and balance out the skin. Finally, the combination of plant-based oils (Soya, Jojoba and Olive), functions as a base that’s easily absorbed and compatible with oily skin.

The product comes in a dark blue glass bottle, just as beautiful as the mask jar, with an easy to use dropper. After reading the instructions, I applied a few drops to my hands, then patted them on my face that was still a bit damp after my bath. The skin seemed to “drink up” the oils with no irritation or greasy residue. The fresh-to-relaxing scent lingered on my skin for a few minutes, then it disappeared. The next morning, my skin was supple and plump, with no extra oil. Even more surprising for me, a blemish that started to appear the previous night was already getting smaller.


Final thoughts

I am not yet ready to give up my “classic” face products in favour of an aromatherapy based cosmetic routine. I can’t imagine life without my trusted AHA and BHA serums, nor without a feather-light hyaluronic acid serum. But I must admit that the two o.Moi products I’ve tried were a very pleasant surprise. They look good, they smell nice, they feel wonderful on my face. And, most importantly, they deliver exactly what they promise. So, whether you’re an aficionado of natural cosmetics – or just looking for a more sensorial, indulgent experience, it’s nice to discover the o.Moi product that’s right for you.

    The Good

    refreshing scent

    the mask has oil absorbing propertier

    not irritating

    high quality packaging

    The Bad

    you need to watch out not to use too much oil (it can be greasy)


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