The cosmetic star of the vitamins B family is becoming more and more present in the formulas of serums and creams for all ages. Also known as vitamin B3 or Nicotiamide, Niaciamide is a water-soluble ingredient with important benefits for the skin.


1. It has anti-aging properties

Along with retinol and vitamin C, Niaciamide is a powerful anti-aging weapon. It increases collagen production and quality and helps renew and restore the surface of skin, minimizing the look of fine lines and enlarged pores. It also brightens and combats the sallow aspect of the skin brought on by aging or tiredness.


2. It reduces redness

Niaciamide is a powerful antioxidant with proven anti-inflammatory properties. It has an  almost neutral pH, which makes it suitable even for sensitive skin. It can help reduce redness and improve the epidermal barrier. This strengthens the natural defense mechanism of the skin, which becomes more resilient and heals faster.


3. It fights acne and pigmentation

With its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties, Niaciamide is a great ally in the fight against acne and some studies claim its efficiency is comparable to that of topical antibiotics, but without most of their side-effects.

Additionally, Niaciamide can help fade hyper pigmentation from acne scars or sun exposure by slowing down the transfer of melanin to your skin’s epidermis.


4. It boosts moisture

By renewing and strengthening the surface of the skin, Niaciamide increases the ability of moisturizers to hydrate it properly. It effectively fights against moisture loss that leads to dry, flaky skin. What’s more, you can even use Niaciamide products around your eyes to improve hydration levels and overall firmness, as well as soften fine lines.


5. It helps oily skin

As a water soluble vitamin, Niaciamide is mainly found in water based serums, with weightless formulas that can easily be layered under sunscreen and makeup. And, perhaps most importantly, Niaciamide has sebum regulating properties, which means it actually modifies the amount of sebum produced by the skin, which is obviously great news for anybody who struggles with oiliness.


With so many researched qualities, there’s surely one good thing Niaciamide can do for your complexion. Find the product that’s best suited to your needs and give your skin the chance to meet a new best friend.


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