One Step Pads have been on the market since the start of COSRX and quickly became everyone’s favorite. Since the start of the One Step Pimple Clearing Pads, COSRX has released two additional types, so I thought I could quickly shed light on which one is the best for what skin type or concern.


Why should you opt for these pads instead of traditional toners or essences?

Simply put: it is practical, quick and easy to use! Not only are the Pads pre-soaked in essence, they are also specifically designed to help with exfoliation. One side of the pad is more rough and meant to be used as gentle peeling, while the other side is softer and meant to calm and sooth your skin.


How to use pre-soaked toner pads?

One Step Pads are meant to be used instead of toners or essences (depending on how many steps you have in your skin care routine).

  1. Clean you skin
  2. Use your favorite One Step Pad
  3. Follow up with moisturizer

You can use them 1-2 times per day without any problem.


Comparison of Clearing, Moisturizing and Green Hero Calming Pads

As a bonus here some tips we learnt on the way…


Tip #1

Use it as a spot-mask and leave it on for 5-7 minutes to extra clearing/hydrating or calming effect.


Tip #2

In summer keep it in the fridge for added soothing effect.


Tip #3

Store them upside down so your top-most pad is always thoroughly soaked.


Tip #4

Use first the rough side and then once again wipe over your face with the smoother side. Like that you can also gently exfoliate your skin.


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