1. What is derma rolling?

Dermarolling, a form of Microneedling, includes a mini wheel with hundreds of tiny needles to gently pierce small holes in the face.

2. How does derma rolling work?

The derma roller creates tiny micro holes on your skin (it does not bleed and does not hurt). These tiny micro-wounds then stimulate collagen production and the regeneration of your skin.

3. Why is it good for your skin?

It helps better absorb products in your skin, heals acne scars, tightens large pores, evens out rough skin texture, fights wrinkles and fine lines.

4. Why is needle size so important?

Depending on the area of application, you should use different needle sizes:

  • 0.1 – 0.3 mm needles are used to better absorb serums
  • 0.5 mm needles are suitable for wound healing and stimulate collagen production in addition to better absorption of the products (by the way, our Ecooking Dermaroller has a 0.5 mm needle system)

Dermaroller with needles larger than 0.5 mm should not be used on the face!

5. Was does a 540 needle system mean?

Derma rollers come with different number of needles. The two typical categories for at-home use are 192 and 540 needles. For the eyes and lip area are more likely 192 needles are suitable and for the rest of the face it is more effective to use a 540 needles roller.

6. How should you use derma rollers?

Facial Cleansing -> Dermarolling -> Serum / Cream

Always use it on clean skin and roll lightly (without pressure) over your face 3-6 times in each direction. Use a serum and / or cream afterwards.

7. How often should you use it?

Once or twice a week. Do not exaggerate! Your skin needs time to regenerate. The older you are, the longer it takes for your skin to regenerate! If you are over 40-50 years, just start with one application per week.

8. When should you NOT use it?

Do not use on open wounds, on cystic or fresh acne / pimples (it would spread bacteria on the skin), warts or if you have eczema or psoriasis.

Do not use it with Retinol, Vitamin C or other acidic products!

9. Where on your body can you use it?

0.5 mm roller can be used on the cheeks, chin, forehead and nose area.

Do not use it around your eye or your lips! For eyes, lips only 0.1mm or 0.2mm needle system should be used (if any).

You can also use it on other body parts (for example, if you have acne scars on your arms, back, or stretch marks). Note that with old stretch marks, the 0.5mm needle system may not be deep enough to support the production of collagen. You should try a 1.5mm version instead.

10. Why are some derma rollers so cheap whilst others 5 times more expensive?

The cheaper Dermaroller often doesn’t use surgical needles, but «pre-pressed metal rollers». Some claim to use titanium needles for a roller that costs 10-15 CHF, which is very unlikely. The tip of the needle is also often different and cheap rolls can cause more damage, because they break after 1-2 applications already.


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