We have first encountered o.Moi some time last year, almost by chance. We were having a meeting about possible new brands from Asia when the idea popped up that we should also look at o.Moi which was one of the newest Scandinavian brands currently hot in Asia. We knew, if a brand is becoming a favorite in Asia – where women pay extreme attention to their skin – we definitely need to try it 🙂

A holistic skin care approach

o.Moi is the short version of the French expression “oh Moi” and it represents the philosophy of taking time off for yourself. Kristèle, founder and owner of the brand, inspired by her Mauritanian roots and Scandinavian life style wanted to create a skin care line that are all natural and helps people relax and unwind. The basis of her philosophy lies in combining aromatherapy with skin care into a holistic approach. The brand’s motto is:

Stop – breath – empty your thoughts – be “oh Moi” – enjoy your “me time”

…which quickly became our Monday morning mantra 🙂

Essential oils in skin care

o.Moi products perfectly utilize the skin rejuvenating characteristics of essential oils. Essential oils are widely known for their aromatherapeutic properties. What is less known is that they indeed have very prominent skin care benefits as well. Also, rather a less well-known fact is that essential oils are not really oils but the “concentrated life essence of plants” they are derived from.


From carrot seed oil, through lavender oil till the luxurious Neroli oil, you can find the perfect blend in each product, be it anti-aging or acne-prone skin care.

Allergy Certified

Since some of the essential oils may be irritating for people with very sensitive skin, it was a natural next step to create products with the same holistic skin care idea but without natural fragrances. All the products created without fragrances are certified by the AllergyCertified organization and safe to use by every skin type and even for babies.

Currently, we carry the Crème de Camélia, from o.Moi’s Allergy Certified line.

Why we curated o.Moi

The idea of holistic skin care, where the products not only care for your skin but also for your well-being is something we have not seen on the market yet. We strongly believe that beauty comes from inside and can only be enhanced by caring for your skin properly. Also, being conscious about the customer’s needs with creating allergy certified products played a great role in convincing us why o.Moi should be part of our portfolio. Not to talk about the fact that we are still using their products long after our testing phase ended (psssttt: the Carrot + E Eye Oil is our fav!)  🙂


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