We have encountered Bottega’s products in 2017 March, on the CosmoProf exhibition in Bologna. They had a tiny booth in the premium cosmetics segment with one lady and some products to test. It was sheer luck that we actually bumped into the booth itself. We chatted a bit, tried the products and immediately fell in love with the texture, the scent and their story.

Research meets nature

Dr. Andrea Alimonti, the world-renown molecular geneticist, has been researching cancer treatments when he has discovered that certain plant extracts can slow down cell aging or even turn the aging process around. The most impact he has identified with a certain type of sage: salvia haenkei or prawn sage. Based on this discovery, Bottega Organica’s exceptional, patented anti-aging formula has been developed.

Dr. Alimonti’s research and discovery about cell aging has been also published in the December 2016 issue of the US scientific journal, the Aging.

Salvia Haenkei – the heart of Bottega Organica’s formula

Salvia Haenkei, or also known as prawn sage is a relatively rare type of sage in Europe and can grow up to 2-2.5m tall. It has bright red flowers that remind of prawn head – hence the name. The extract of salvia haenkei has the ability to slow cell aging through lengthening the telomeres – the segments of DNA at the end of our chromosomes. With aging, the telomeres become shorter and the cells lose their ability to reproduce and split.


The extract of salvia haenkei – among other similarly effective botanical extracts like lemon, rosemary, thyme, vetiver, orange, etc. – is carried through the skin layers by extra virgin olive oil. Olive oil itself has countless skin pampering properties as well as acts as natural preservative. None of Bottega’s products contain any chemicals, let alone preservatives! Yet, the self-life does not differ from the usual 2-3 years without opening.

Salvia Haenkei

Ligurian olives

The concept

Bottega not only bottles some nice organic ingredients but they cultivate, grow, harvest, process and package everything on their own! They own two farms: one in Liguria, in Italy and one in upstate New York. All their main ingredients are grown and harvested on their farm and dried and extracted in their local factories. It ensures that every drop of Bottega’s products remain 100% organic!

Moreover, the packaging is 100% recyclable. The cardboard is upcycled orange-peel printed with soy ink.


Why we curated Bottega Organica

While not everyone will love the idea of oil-based products, we must admit that they are perfectly suitable for most skin types! If you have very oily and problematic skin, try to avoid Bottega Organica but everyone else can use all of their products without any problem.

What we loved most about their products was the idea of 100% organic ingredients with clinically proven anti-aging results! It is not really common in cosmetics that natural or organic products are backed with such a strong scientific research and exceptional advisory team.

Our favorites are the facial oils and the serums, and we can’t get enough of them! We would wholeheartedly recommend the products everyone above 30 who want to make sure their skin care products include only natural, organic ingredients.


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